Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You call that pooling?

This is pooling.

The pattern is Monkey, from Knitty. The yarn is hand dyed from the Lime & Violet Etsy shop. The needles are US 1/2.25 mm.

Here is the front.

And here is the back.
I could maybe excuse it if the pooling were moving around, but it is just sitting there. Also, it seems like it might be a wee bit on the small side. I haven't frogged it yet, but it seems likely. Maybe a different pattern and/or a different gauge would give more pleasing result than the gangrenous shin look, above.

Any knitters who stop by? Feel free to leave an opinion in the comments.

Gratuitous Katie cheesecake photo:

"White socks are always in fashion."


mamateja said...

Not bad.... at least it isn't bold, contrasting colors. Check out www.alcariel.blogspot.com on Dec. 13, 2006 ... now that is UGLY pooling! I had some on my STR sock, but that was alleviated by going up a needle size.

Kathleen said...

I liked the monkey pattern. I started the socks while waiting for my STR feb kit. I have not even started the kit sock yet. I had a few to be made before the STR. Now I am using Tofutsie in color 720. I kind of like it although I am not far enough along to see if it is pooling.