Sunday, March 11, 2007

Creativity in small bites

A few weeks ago, I found some tiny two- and three-inch canvases at The Art Store. They were only a buck, so I bought a few. A couple of weeks ago, after I finished the still-veiled art project for the Press, I pulled out one of the little canvases and started painting on it.

Considering I was using paints from a paint-by-number set, and considering all of the darker paints had dried out (the figure in the foreground was drawn in with a PITT artist pen), and considering it is my first time painting with acrylics ever, I thought it was not too shabby. I'm especially proud of how I screwed up one of the stars, and managed to turn it into a nebula.

Who knows what might happen if I get my hands on some primary colors?

In other news:

The Piker Press
has been saved. We found a new web host (don't forget, Infinology sucks), and Josh spent the week moving everything over. There may be some glitches yet in the archives, but there is an old issue up now and another one on the way Monday.

Early this morning, I finished one of the Pastel Easter Egg socks of Doom. It's cute. I have about four pattern repeats left on the second sock. The end is near... and I already have two new projects waiting to step up to the plate.

It warmed up to 60 today. Knightstar and I went for a walk along the river this afternoon, without coats. We still had to tromp through patches of icy leftover snow. Ah, spring. He just put a lot of pictures on his blog, some of the aftermath of our recent snowstorms, and others of the local wildlife.


Aser said...

Go, go, go Cheryl!

mamateja said...

Once again, I envy your artistic ability. Way to go!!! Oh, the box finally came on Friday...just about have the first sock done...have frogged quite a bit, but I think it will work. There are pics on my blog.