Sunday, March 25, 2007


Early Saturday morning, we had a brief, but dramatic, thunderstorm which left our finches homeless.

They are still hanging around, so I hope they intend to rebuild in the neighborhood. Maybe I should see about getting a FEMA grant for them.

The daylilies are starting to come up.

And the lilacs are budding.

I ripped out the sock from the previous post. My official excuse is that it was too small. But seriously? The brownish purple spot on the front looked just like the pictures you get if you do a Google Image search on "necrosis".

To replace it, I cast on the Rockin' Socks Club February project. The yarn color is Monsoon, although I still say it looks more like camouflage. The pattern is Inside Out, because the finished socks are reversible.
The foot is knit at a tight gauge for a snug fit. I had to go down to size 00 needles to get gauge. I usually knit socks on size 1, which is the diameter of a toothpick. Double oughts are about 25% smaller that that. Plus, these needles are about two inches longer than what I typically use for socks.

So the whole array is rather lethal, with sharp metal points sticking out every which way. It's also hard on the hands, knitting that tight, so these may be a slow process. At least I still have the Tofutsies for easy knitting. The pooling on those is starting to zigzag, which is sort of cute.

Katie is totally in favor of spring, and the open windows it brings.

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mamateja said...

Hope your sock works better for daughter is getting mine since I can't get it over my high instep....she's going to knit me a pair from her STR Monsoon in one of the STR patterns from last year. She doesn't even want to try the pattern after all the frogging I and others did .... finished it this week-end at her house .... no luck getting it on .... she's delighted! She asked me tonight after we had returned home when the second sock would be done ... it shouldn't take as long, I hope ... I could have knitting 2 1/2 socks in the time it took! Good Luck!