Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sometimes I surprise myself

Remember how I've been kvetching forever about how I hate knitting the stupid pastel socks? Hated them so much that I made knitting on them a Lenten discipline this year?

They are now my favorite project! I always thought the leg should be lacy, but didn't like the other lace pattern I had tried. Then Wendy published her instructions for Toe-Up Feather and Fan socks. Yes! It's cute, it's easy, and it doesn't hide the striping of the yarn. The identical-twin stripes got out of sync about mid-foot when there was a knot in the yarn, but that's life. Or fate, or kismet. Anyway, it's gonna stay that way. If anyone is that concerned about my ankles, let them knit me some socks.

Sad news:

The Jaywalker has gone paws up. It was way, way too big. The leg was just a smidge spacious, but the foot was shaping up to be enormous. It was never going to work. So...

Here is a sock laid to rest, awaiting it's next incarnation. This is the second time I frogged a sock just this year. I'm amazed that I can do it so calmly.

One of the reasons, I think, is that I am now comfortable enough with sock knitting that none of it requires steely concentration and total solitude. I've been turning heels and kitchenering in public, which pretty much makes me think I can take on the world.

Since I can never have just one sock on the needles, I started this.

The pattern is Monkey, and the yarn is Violet's Lemon Cake. Everyone says it is a really quick knit. I can't imagine how, with an eleven-row pattern repeat, but okay.

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mamateja said...

The Monkey socks isn't too bad once you get the pattern repeat...even though 11 of them are knit rows with four pattern rows. I really enjoyed knitting them and Alcariel has enjoyed wearing them.
Happy socking! TLBG