Friday, March 30, 2007

The aftermath

After they booted me out of the library, I drove home. The front door was wide open, and I could see T skulking around the living room with a flashlight, peering behind the curtains and under furniture.

He came out and told me, "I think it may be gone."

I came in, carry just my keys. No way was I going leave a wild bird in the house with my purse if it turned out he was wrong.

We found Katie. The fearsome huntress of shadows was hiding out in the basement. Fat lot of good SHE is in a crisis.

We cleaned up the plant that had been knocked over.

We went out for a sandwich. We came back. Still quiet.

We went to bed. Still quiet, although I don't mind telling you I slept with one eye open.

We got up. Still quiet.

T left for work. Every little noise I hear makes me jump.

Maybe I'll go to work early.


Wendy said...

Thanks for the laughs, Cheryl! I like how Katie hides rather than hunts in these situations (I could send Giz over - she's the hunter of all hunters, although so far it has only been insects). Hope the bird got out and will not be back :)

Aser said...

Very funny, Cheryl! You'd have passed out the day Bernie and I decided to see if the blue jay would come into the kitchen for a peanut. The jay DID, and then instead of flying back outside, hopped up into the ficus tree in the family room!

Fortunately he was smart, and we left the door open for his exit a few minutes later.

Cheryl said...

Well, it's different when they are invited, and if they have the good sense to leave.

But by and large, I like my wildlife in the wild, thenkyouverymuch.

Jerry said...

Very funny!

One thing I've noticed about blue jays - they always take a different route home. I assume this makes it more difficult for bad guys to track them. Opening the door may have given it the alternate route it needed.