Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One less excuse

Knightstar doesn't always keep up with my blog posts. (He's a tech geek, but doesn't even use RSS feeds. Go figure.)

Anyway, he just finally saw my little two-inch painting from a few posts back, and said, "I have primary colors."

"What do you mean, you have primary colors?"

"Out in the garage, in my mom's stuff. I'm pretty sure there are some acrylics."

So we went out to the garage, and what do you know?

10 little tubes, lightly used, and 14 big tubes, never used. It's an embarrassment of riches for someone who has been thinking, "It would be silly to invest a lot of money in paint when I may not like painting, or may not be any good." This is enough to play with, and experiment with, and not worry that I am wasting anything.

Your answers to the question, "I have the paint - NOW what do I do?" are eagerly sought.

(The non-obvious lesson here is "Take care of your niggling little health problems." His ma decided she could manage her blood pressure just fine without meds. It turned out she was wrong, but it took a few mini-strokes to prove it. Instead of spending her retirement traveling and painting, she spent it descending into dementia in a nursing home. So take your meds, and make your art, while you can.)

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Lydia said...

Nice find and now you can create!