Friday, May 11, 2012

Paper dolls

Paper dolls by chaimann
Paper dolls, a photo by chaimann on Flickr.
Granola bar box, gesso, water-soluble oil pastels and crayons, pencil, pen, pastel - I think that's it.

Little sketches

Little sketches by chaimann
Little sketches, a photo by chaimann on Flickr.
This week has been art-challenged. Real life, don't ya know? But last week, I made some little sketches for my daily art.

I am off work next week, with no plans to speak of, so I hope to indulge myself in some more fun projects.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May 1 (Every Day in May)

100_3054 by chaimann
100_3054, a photo by chaimann on Flickr.
I sketched a little bit. I spun the silk on the tiny spindle a little bit. Then I sketched the spindle sitting on the sketches.

That's an 8.5" by 5.5" sketchbook. by the way, to give you some scale of how small the spindle is.

It's May!

How do YOU plan to go astray?

A few years ago there was a thing called Every Day In May, where the idea was to create something (wait for it) every day in May. Sand and I talked about doing something similar this year, but unaffiliated with any groups or rules.

Stay tuned.