Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ya big sissy

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am a big fan of Halls Naturals cough drops, especially the ones with a real drop of honey in the center. They are tasty and soothing.They are sort of hard to find, though, so when I saw them at Hy-Vee the other day, I snapped them up.

What they don't tell you on the bag is that they have "improved" the packaging. Each drop now comes wrapped in a paper printed with one or more bits of encouragement. A PEP TALK IN EVERY DROP (tm), they call it.

  • Flex your "can do" muscle.
  • Seize the day.
  • Dust off and get up.
  • Push on!
  • Don't give up on yourself.
  • Let's hear your battle cry.
  • Put a little strut in it.
  • Put your game face on.
  • Be unstoppable.
  • Power through!
  • Be unstoppable.
  • Go for it.
  • Hi-five yourself.

Really, Halls, all I need from you is a mentholated candy that will stop a coughing fit. I'll deal with my own positive attitude when I can breathe and speak, so just take your little wrappers and "Hi-five" yourself. I'm going to bed early


M. Ashley said...

It almost seems like that packaging would be better suited to Prozac losanges than cough drops. How truly, truly odd.

Bernie said...

Pretty presumptuous if you ask me.

Aser said...

I know what I'd tell Halls, and you know it, too. The last thing I want when I'm sick is to be told by a piece of paper to suck it up.

Lydia Manx said...

I rarely do cough drops. I tend to grab black licorice to coat my throat. I would be writing creatively to the Halls company about a number of suggestions. And there would definitely be fang bait with the name Hall or something.