Thursday, October 20, 2011


Do-over by chaimann
Do-over, a photo by chaimann on Flickr.
I was looking through my handspun yarn this afternoon, and found this little ball of black wool. I got the fiber when I learned to spin, about four years ago, and it is clearly beginner spinning. It's thick and thin, mostly thick, and it would be really tough to find something I could make with it as is.

I thought the black fiber was pretty, though, so I decided to see if I could re-spin it into something usable.

It's been a little dicey, since it has been spun for a few years and is sort of "set". But by going slow, and taking my time unspinning the former yarn, I'm getting a nice fine single.

Continuing this week's uplifting musical selections, I give you Miss Martha Raye:

This role was originated by Irene Ryan, but I could not find her Broadway recording on the internet. Yes, sometimes the internet fails. But this one is pretty good, and I actually remember seeing this performance, on PBS I imagine, back in the day.


Holly Jahangiri said...

Is that... is that... one of the infamous doilies? Or a baby antimacassar?

Cheryl said...

Good eye. Yes, that is an itty bitty doily. They are not a fiction. I have four of them on my desk.

Speaking of fiction, the UC crowd is wondering when QAoaS will show up.