Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shop 'til you drop

T and I had accumulated a long list of things that we needed around the house, so today we shopped. He has been want to replace the kitchen floor, so we got some new tiles. I wanted something to tidy up The Studio, and got a wet/dry Swiffer. Winter's coming, and I needed socks. He needed something from Scheels. I needed something from Ulta. It went like this all afternoon.

The only thing we could not find was a piece of heavy canvas. The camper tent needs patched in a couple of spots, and we thought canvas and fabric glue would do the trick. Have you ever been to Joanne's on Saturday afternoon? It's a madhouse, and as far as we could tell, every employee was either at the cutting counter or the cash register, both of which had long lines. Want to ask someone a question without waiting fifteen minutes? Not a chance. We're going to continue considering our options. Mail order? Nylon instead of canvas? Duct tape?

Since it is Saturday, here's a special Saturday song from my favorite group ever.


Kitt said...

Try a place that sells camping supplies, or Army Surplus. They'll have tent-patching supplies at both, and at the latter you can find any number of canvas items for cheap that you can cut up for patches.

Aser said...

Almost any hardware sells heavy canvas dropcloths in their paint departments, though I suspect that would give you a lot more canvas than you need. Why not try an art store that sells inexpensive canvases? Slice it off the frame and use the frame for camping kindling!