Friday, October 28, 2011

Wating for gingerbread

It's almost November, and I'm still waiting for gingerbread weather.

Gingerbread weather is the first really blustery day of mid-fall. It chilly enough that you need a proper jacket, and maybe even a scarf. It's probably cloudy, maybe even drizzly, and the wind cuts right through you. When I was a kid, the first occurrence of such weather was my mom's excuse to make gingerbread. Even after I was grown and long gone from home, she and I would still report to each other when it was gingerbread weather.

I keep thinking it will be any day now, but so far, no. It's getting cooler, but otherwise rather sunny and pleasant. I'm ready for it, though.

This should be the point where I give you my mother's recipe for gingerbread, so here it is.

Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix

Yep, mom was a dandy cook, but her gingerbread cake came straight from a box. What's more, she always topped it with fake whipped cream. At first it was Dream Whip. (Mixing the Dream Whip was my task in the gingerbread experience.) Then, when Cool Whip hit the market, she switched to that.

In memory of my mother, I also have a box of gingerbread mix in my pantry. I draw the line at the Cool Whip, though.

Now, I just need the right day.

I don't have a cheery video today. Late October is the time to share this beautiful, wistful song, performed here by the fabulous Rosemary Clooney.


Bernie said...

Good song. Great story. And a brave admission that you use box gingerbread. The BGSG (Box Gingerbread Support Group) meets on Tuesdays, and I'm sure they would have an extra plate and cup of tea for you if you feel the need.

Aser said...

Very cool, Cheryl. This is echoing my feelings all too neatly.

Never heard this song before, btw -- thank you.

Cheryl said...

Glad you like the song. The lyric is by Johnny Mercer. After he died, his widow gave some of his unfinished lyrics to Barry Manilow, and this is the result.