Friday, October 21, 2011


I was on vacation today, and it is T's day off, so it really felt like we were playing hooky. We drank our morning coffee together. We got haircuts. We went to sporting goods stores. We went to Barnes and Noble, twice. Pretty exciting stuff.

For today's musical selection, I tried to find Kay Armen singing "Hallelujah" from Hit The Deck. (No, not the Leonard Cohen song of the same name, which is sort of a downer once you get past the first verse.) Once again, teh intrawebz failed me. During the search, though, I learned that Ms. Armen passed away earlier this month, at age 95. I also found this video of her performing a few years ago. If she sounds this good in her 90s, you can imagine how good she was 55 years ago. It's not in the title, but at 5:40 she sings "Time After Time", which is one of my favorite love songs. RIP.

What I COULD find on video was Kermit.

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Bernie said...

Wow, Kaye Armen sounds pretty darn good at 90 something. I don't necessarily want to live that long, but if I do, I doubt that I will be able to sing that well.

I will sound more like Kermit.