Saturday, May 20, 2006

Our new neighbors, the Finches

These two have been hanging around our kitchen window this spring, taunting Katie with their sweet song and manageable size. She wants them in the worst way, but she is an indoor cat, and they are safely out of her reach.

They are house finches. The breed is relatively new to these parts, first seen in the state during the Reagan administration.

The male is a lovely rosy color.

I'm trying not to be a big ol' Broadway geek, but I know if he stays around, I will be calling him Ponty. What can I say? Young Robert Morse is hott. I have a bootleg video of Quick Before It Melts, a silly sex comedy from the 60s, that I have watched dozens of times because he so darned cute. I'll even watch A Guide For The Married Man - which I see is now available on DVD. To Borders!

But, ahem, I digress.

The female finch ("Rosemary"), in this photo shoot anyway, always has her mouth open.

Singing is good, though. I pointed these two out to Terry a few days ago, and lamented that I had not been able to get them to hold still so I could take a picture. Yesterday, he heard them singing, and dashed out with the camera to get the pictures he knew I craved. Thanks, honey!

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