Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm everywhere

Maybe not everywhere, but a couple of places.

I have a poem in The Piker Press this week. It came from a writing prompt that was tossed out at my NaNoWriMo refugees group a few weeks ago.

After I got my iPod, I casually mentioned in one of the Piker online staff brawls that "we should do a podcast." One of our code monkeys latched onto that idea, and as of today, PikerCasts is listed on Podcast Alley and iTunes. (You'll need iTunes installed on your computer to go to that one.) Which is cool enough, but the first episode out there is the poem I wrote last year for Mother's Day.

You don't need to have an iPod or mp3 player to hear it. If you go to the Podcast Alley page, scroll down and click on PikerCasts 01 to listen.

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