Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday. It's hot. It's humid. Terry and I are both off work, and we are being lazy.

Inside, Katie enjoys Terry's new desk, which has a lot more room where she can play.

Outside, I think I found out why the finches are hanging around so much. This is in the awning over our back door.

Terry went stargazing last night, and called me to tell me that our picture was in Sky and Telescope Magazine. The July issue has an article about the Nebraska Star Party, which we have attended a couple of times. Right there on page 102, there we are.

What - you can't see us? How about this one, then?

That's Terry on the right with the cute legs, and me on the left with no face. Directly in front of us is Allen, who brought the photo to our attention.

Please, no autographs.

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