Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Coming attractions

This is mostly for me, so I don't forget these dates, but anyone is welcome to join me. Here's what I plan to do with my weekends in the next month.

May 16: Dedication of the Chess and Poetry Garden. Terry is so excited about the prospects of playing chess in a park that he can hardly stand it. Plus, it is right next to Starbucks on one side, and La Mie on the other.

May 21: Jewish Food Fair at Temple B'nai Jeshurun. Food, entertainment, and a chance to tour their beautiful facility. I linked to the main page so you can see their series of "Eat like a ... " advertisements. I want an "Eat like a marxist" poster.

June 3 and 4: Greek Food Fair at St. George Greek Orthodox. My favorite culinary adventure of the year, surpassing even the reknowned Iowa State Fair. They used to just serve a plate dinner, but they have added a la carte dining. Wowee wow wow! And, it runs for two days, so you don't have to make a pig of yourself at one meal. They also offer tours of their lovely sanctuary.

June 10 and 11: Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival. It's not Maryland Sheep and Wool, but hey, it's only their second year. It was, however, reminiscent of my 4-H county fair days. Now that I know how to spin a little, I expect the shopping will be more interesting to me.

ETA Late addition: On May 29, my Piker pal Jerry will have a story published in Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine. He's a terrific writer. Go buy the magazine.

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