Monday, March 06, 2006

Back to business

The other cool thing about getting the sock past the heel is that you can try it on without taking it off the needles.

I like the way it looks, and seeing it so close to done inspires me to get it finished soon.

After reading Franklin's collection of drop spindling hints over the weekend, I decided I should attack the bag of unspun wool hogging space from my yarn stash. A few weeks ago, I bought a Schacht spindle in Ames. It has both a notch on the long end, and a hook on the short end, so it can be used as top whorl or bottom whorl. That seemed practical, since I am not good enough to know which I like better.

I predrafted the fiber - at least, if I understand the instructions, that is what I did. I loosened the fiber and separated it into strips. I think that may have helped me keep the yarn more consistent, but it still has its share of lumpy spots, especially when I join the next bit of fiber.

Here is the new spindle, on the left, alongside the spindle Amy gave me and the yarn I had already spun.

We are still a long way from a scarf, but maybe someday.

Katie got a new toy. It's a sort of kitty punching bag.

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