Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunday's knitting

Despite my plan to not start new stuff until I've finished the old stuff, I decided I simply must have a bag for my iPod. I started it and finished it Sunday afternoon. Knitwit enabler Amy said, "It's small, it's quick, and you know you are going to finish it, so it doesn't count as a new project."

The yarn is Karaoke (appropriate for an iPod, don't you think?), 50% soy fiber, 50% wool from Southwest Trading Company. I cast on 32 stitches onto size 5 dp needles, although in retrospect I maybe should have gone down to 30 to allow for stretching. I ribbed for about half an inch, and then knit stockinette until it was long enough. I grafted the bottom, screwed it up, cussed, tried it again, screwed up, cussed some more, and finally got it right on the third try. (Many thanks to the Kitchener stitch instructions at Knitty.)

I made an I-cord hand loop. After I had the I-cord finished and attached, I realized that the better solution would have been to put it in the middle, across from another shorter loop, and pull it through as a latch. It would also keep the corner from stretching.

Anyway, it only took an afternoon, and it is done, so Amy was right.

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Kathy said...

You are so talented. A friend I haven't seen in awhile emailed the other day and asked if I was still handpainting grape clusters on my kitchen cabinets and stuff like that. No, I said, but I made a water wheel out of paper plates and an egg carton. Does that count? Ha.