Saturday, January 21, 2006

A day mostly off

It was a lazy Saturday in Des Moines. I brought some work home yesterday (my office pc is still out of commission) and fiddled around with it this morning. When Katie saw that I had my laptop on my lap, she hopped up to get a piece of the action. It was a very crowded lap for awhile.

No, that's not work you see. We switched over to The Piker Press so we could vote for Lichloved and Fever Dreams at various web comic sites. Lichloved is so close to getting back into the top 100 at Webcomics, and after 12 episodes, the story is developing nicely. For the most part, fantasy is a big yawn for me, but Alex knows how to tell a fantasy story and get my attention - namely, by making the star a blue-eyed, pretty-in-pink girly girl in a "Goodbye Kitty" shirt. If you haven't read Lichloved yet, go do so, and if the spirit moves you, click the buttons at the bottom to vote.

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