Thursday, January 19, 2006

The party's over

The balloons have all wilted and been thrown away. Today, my computer wilted as well. The hard drive is kaput. I spent most of the day wandering around from desk to desk, stealing a few minutes of access here and there. Fortunately, my teammates and I have quite a bit of redundancy in our workstations, so it's easy to sneak in while they are at lunch or something.

Kathy said:

There must have been times when you wanted to throw it in sometime during those 25 years yet you stayed. Wow!

Right you are, Kathy. The worst boss I ever worked for was about 1985. She was scheming and two-faced and not to be trusted, and she was pushing me close the edge of a breakdown. A dear friend of mine was living in Hong Kong at the time. He offered to put me up if I wanted to go live there for awhile. It was tempting, very tempting, but I chickened out and stayed put. Looking back at it now, I think, "Were you insane? That would have been great!" Yes, my life would have different, but it would also have been different. In particular, I would not have met Terry. So in that respect, it's good that I stayed put.

Anyway, the quality of my bosses has improved since then, and the last three (all of whom still work there) have been gems.

The online knitters are all a-twitter about some outfit throwing their weight around about copyright infringement over the phrase "Stitch and Bitch." I don't know all of the details, but clicking on this graphic will take you to a Cafe Press shop with some information about it, and some fun items for sale - all proceeds of which go to either a legal defense fund or a breast cancer charity.

(ETA I'm back, refreshed by a bowl of chili and some suck-up service from one of my favorite waiters. If you want to know more about the Stitch * Bitch dust up, check out You Knit What and The Knitting Curmudgeon. The Girl From Auntie, a real-life attorney, gives a succinct legal overview of the situation.

My gang of public knitters never got into the S*B name. There are several writers in the group, and several sharp tongues, so we have always referred to ourselves as Knitwits. But I believe, to a woman, that we all believe strongly in our right to stitch, and to bitch, any damn time we please.)

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