Saturday, August 27, 2005


KIP = Knitting In Progress

On the off chance that someone has come here looking for knitting content, here is what I have in my knitting bag these days.

1. A pullover sweater that I started last year. I hope to finish it in time to wear this winter. The color didn't photograph well. It is a heathery sage green.

2. The first soldier sock. I need to get cracking on these, because I need them done before Christmas.

3. A sock for me. I pinched the pattern from my friend Nancy. It looks like fish scales to me, so I call it the Fish Scales Sock. The Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn is beautiful to look at and to work with. The needles are size 1. (For the benefit of non-knitters: a size 1 needle is the same diameter as your standard toothpick, but longer. These are 5 inches long.)

4. A scarf from Belisa Cashmere laceweight yarn from Australia. I purchased the yarn and pattern at Stitches Midwest from Stan, the owner of the outfit. I never could resist an Aussie accent. Lucky for me, Stan was busy when we went by his booth on Saturday, or I would have had another skein in pink.

The needles are Lantern Moon needles from Vietnam. Pricey, but so pretty.

Here is a close up of the lace pattern.

It's a simple pattern, once I figured out, with Nancy's help, that "S11" was actually "Sl1", or Slip 1 stitch. Nonetheless, I have still managed to make a small mistake, and -- Nancy to the rescue again. She was able to find and repair the bad stitch, saving me two rows of tinking. (Tink = knit backwards, or unknit stitch by stitch to get back to the stitch that needs repair.) Thanks, Nancy!

We would like to thank our spokescat Katie for her assistance with this photo shoot.


Aser said...

Goodness, you're busy. Makes me think I should get to work on some of my projects.

Cheryl said...

Not that busy, or the socks and the sweater would be finished by now.

Kathy said...

I have a neighbor willing to teach me to knit. Your work is beautiful and makes me want to learn!