Sunday, August 14, 2005

Yarn Ho!

I went to Chicago this weekend with Margie and Amy for Stitches Midwest. I've been sitting on some fun money for six months now, just waiting for a shopping extravaganza. And shop I did:

Sad to say, this is not even all of it. There is a book you can't see, and a couple of patterns and some double point needles that did not make it onto the display.

It's a good thing I needed a swift (the big wooden thing at the top) and a ball winder (in the box at the bottom). We all got yarn in hanks the first day, so had a winding and swatching party at the hotel after dinner. The turquoise yarn on the box is sock yarn I wound that night. The bag to the left has a skein of Australian cashmere for a scarf. It is already on the needles, but I need to make sure I understand the pattern abbreviations before I go any further. ("S11", anyone?)

Back at home, I had a different project today. While we were in Nebraska, my friend and former cubicle neighbor Shelby sent me a picture frame so I could put Katie's picture on my desk at work. I finally got a decent picture of the little miss that could be cut down to fit the frame.

Katie, of course, is totally unimpressed. But thanks, Shelby, for your thoughtful gift.

Another good thing about this weekend - it rained, and then it cooled down. I had the windows open all day, and I will be sleeping with them open tonight. It doesn't get any better.


Shelby said...

Well, Miss Katie might be rather hard to impress, but I'm not. I love it! Just exactly what your little corner of 13 needs. Plus, something else for Karen to go on and on and on about! =) (BTW, Not it's intended use.) Glad Katie was feeling photogenic that day.

Cheryl said...

Actually, she was sitting in an open window, keeping track on the world outside, when I moved her so I could take this picture. She is not so much unimpressed as ticked off.

I haven't shown it to Karen yet, but I'm sure she will see it sooner or later.

Kris said...