Monday, August 01, 2005

Heart City

I'm posting from the lovely and accomodating public library in Valentine, Nebraska, which is the nearest town to where we are camping. Nearest town, in western Nebraska terms, means 35 miles away from where we are camping.

We were not able to get a campsite with electricity the first night we were there. By the next day, we we so settled in that we did not want to pull up stakes and move to an electric site. So today, while we are in town, we are going to price generators and see if there is one that fits our needs.

Last night was our first night observing at NSP. Terry bagged two Messier objects. He only has 10 left to clear the list.

Current temperature in Valentine at 11:00 AM - 82 °F / 28 °C. It is supposed to get into the 90s again today - and every day. (Kris, you will have to do the conversion on that one yourself. My laptop battery is running low.)

More later.

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Kris said...

I live in a metro (if i can call it one), that has the very elements of your camp life! No electricity. It even happens in my University!!!!

So much for being in one of the major metros. Arrested Development.