Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mail call!

Today's mail brought my long-awaited shipment of Piker books from Lulu.

I've already read five of the six books online or in manuscript, and I love them, and the authors, enough to purchase print copies. I'm old school, and holding a paper book with a shiny cover in my hands still gives me a thrill that staring at a pc cannot match. And when it is a book that a friend wrote - I was probably almost as thrilled as they were to see these books on my doorstep.


Aser said...

What a beautiful photo, Cheryl! I just got my copy of Gyps' book today. Pikers rock!

Kathy said...

Are you going to get them autographed?

Kris said...

Booo hooo hooo, where is piker india?

Aser said...

Kris, you can be a Piker any time you want!

Cheryl said...

Kathy, I certainly hope to. I don't know when we are having another live staff meeting, though. I'm campaigning for a Pikers Of The Caribbean cruise in 2006.

Kris, come join the Pikers any time. And when you write your novel and publish it, we will buy it, too.

Ase, they certainly do!