Sunday, July 17, 2005


I just ordered Aser's book Time Traveler from Lulu Press. (And her other books, and her family's books, but this was this one that I had been waiting for before I placed my order.) It's the book she was writing when I first met her on the Geezer and DTAUC forums at NaNoWriMo.

She sent me the manuscript way back when, so I am already familiar with the story, although I have not seen the final revisions. Just the same, I am glad to see it finally in print. Like many writers, I like the tactile experience of holding an actual book. Stacks of copier paper, or worse yet, digits on a computer screen, just don't hold up to the heft of a book in your hands.

I also had not seen how she ended up formatting the book for print, so I looked at the preview on the Lulu site, and then I saw it - my name, on the dedication page! I've been beaming all morning to think that she thought my little contribution was worth noting. Thanks, my friend, and now I really hope you sell a million copies.


Audie said...

I've got a note on my computer to get my butt over there and start purchasing I just keep forgetting to do it. Maybe I should go do that now. :)

Aser said...

Well, of course your input was important. And your reminder to me a couple weeks ago that I was supposed to have it done today!