Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This is vacation??

It's been hot here during the day (102 F yesterday), which is far too hot when you can't even plug in a fan. We have been spending every afternoon drinking lemonade in the bar at the resort where the daytime events are held, which is not really a bad way to spend a vacation.

Evening viewing has been so-so, better if you enjoy watching storms build on the the horizon. The last two nights have been partly cloudy and partly stormy, and we have bailed out about midnight.

They are promising storms this afternoon and a cool down (into the 80s) for Thursday. We are hoping the cool front gets here soon, because T and I both need naps in the worst way.


Aser said...

102, and a bazillion percent humidity? You poor folks. Thank goodness for your bar, and ice.

Kathy said...

So are you still in Nebraska? They have that kind of heat? That's terrible!

Cheryl said...

It did cool down, Wednesday, in the time it took to eat a hot dog. We've had two beautiful days now.

Kris said...

Best way to cool down. Put ice down the back of someone's shirt!

Thats the way here. Trust me its absolute fun. To watch the other person twitch and turn.