Friday, April 06, 2007

Yarn emergency

Weird weather we've been having lately. It has turned cold and blustery all along the midsection of the country. There was snow last night in Kansas, enough to stick to the evergreens, the lilacs, and the wheat after the sun came up.

I found myself out and about, with a winter coat, but without a scarf. I procured some fat yarn (Rowan Big Wool Fusion) and fat needles (US19/15mm). About three hours later, I had a scarf. Since it was started and finished and will be worn within 24 hours of purchase, I say it does not count against the yarn diet.

Those other things in the picture? Sock yarn doesn't count, right? On the left, two skeins of the new Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn. The one in the middle is so brilliant I practically fell down when I saw it. On the right, Crystal Palace Panda Wool, a wool, bamboo, and nylon blend. Beyond that is a sampler package of Soak wool wash.

I also bought something up the street at a specialty fabric store, but that one is going to stay under wraps until I decide what to do with it. It may end up being a gift.

Yesterday I cashed in a Borders coupon and some gift cards, and bought "More Sensational Socks". Oh my, what an inspiring book. I want to sleep with it under my pillow. Anyway, the gal who checked me out said, "Do you really knit socks?" I assured her I did. She went on, "I tried to learn how to knit, but it never worked for me. When I shelved these books the other day, I couldn't imagine that anyone would actually knit socks!"

Maybe I should drop by that store again and show her the Jitterbug.

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Aser said...

My question is: How do the socks FEEL on your feet? I've tried a number of brands of socks and the only ones I can stand are the short white cotton ones and the tall gray cotton work socks I buy at the hardware store.

Oh, I guess it was two questions: how do you launder these amazing socks?