Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rain, rain, go away

It started raining about dinner time yesterday. Rained all night. Rained all day today until just before I left work. I love rainy, thundery weather more than most, but an occasional break is nice.

We've gone four hours now with now rain, although I think more may be on the way.

On the plus side - one of the damp envelopes in the mailbox when I got home contained the April sock kit from the Rockin' Sock Club. The yarn is glorious, and so much "my colors' that it is frightening. The pattern should be okay, too. Not to spoil it, but there are two different versions of the pattern. I first saw the picture on the back, and thought "No way." But then I saw the front picture, and all was well again. I hope I am able to get gauge with normal needles this time.

What about the February socks, you may ask? I'm still chipping away at them, slo-o-owly, a few rows at a time. I'm about four inches into the foot of the first sock, so there is still a long way to go. It's too bad Lent is over. They would have been a perfect discipline project.


Alcariel said...

I'm glad you got your sock kit so quick! I'm hoping mine comes soon since my February one was one of the last to go out. *sits down to wait impatiently*

mamateja said...

Yea! My sock kit was in the mailbox when I came home for lunch plus a box with LM sock needles, an Addi #1 for magic loop socks (think I'll try), and sock blockers. What a haul! Happy knitting.

Nancy said...

What??!! no picture of the new color?

Cheryl said...

Too soon for spoilers, Nancy, but I will bring yarn pr0n Friday. Trust me, it goes with absolutely every item of clothing I own.

Mamateja, when I was on vacation, I bought a long #1 to try magic loop. I've knit on someone else's magic loop sock, and didn't hate it as much as two circs.

Lydia said...

I want the rain! And the silk looks amazingly beautiful in the earlier's that coming?