Friday, April 20, 2007


My friend Amy went to Europe recently. Tonight at the KnitWits get-together, she announced, "I have presents," and pulled out four 1400 m/1533 yd skeins of merino/silk lace weight yarn. That's enough to make a large lace shawl.

I immediately pounced on the aqua skein.

It is very pettable, and the silk really makes it sparkle.

Thanks, Amy, for the beautiful gift!

Speaking of soft, pettable things, Miss Katie came home to live with us four years ago today.

The other cats at the Animal Rescue League that day were just lying around in their cages, but Katie was up at the front of her cage, chatting and working the crowd. She was a total salesperson, and I fell for her shtick completely.

I went cat shopping that day because my dad had died on this day the year before, and I thought a new cat would cheer me up. Or distract me, is more like it. And that she did.

Daddy professed not to like cats, but he shamelessly spoiled the cats that lived with family members. For one thing, he would turn on the tap so they could have fresh water from the sink. Darned if Katie didn't pick that up, even without him here to teach her. I have to think that he is somehow behind it.

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Wendy said...

Oooooh, that yarn is spectacular! And of course, so is Miss Katie - who is one lucky cat :)