Sunday, February 18, 2007

Three cheers

It warmed up above freezing today. Terry and I went to Gray's Lake and walked the full circuit - about two miles, I think.

The KnitWits gathered today for an emergency "Holy cow, let's go knitting" session. It was quite productive for me.

First, I finished the Nebula socks.

It was notable because this is the first time I have ever Kitchenered in public. (Non-knitters: Kitchener stitch is a way of grafting a seam closed so it looks like knitting. It is sort of like darning.)

I struggled with Kitchener for a long time, until I finally rewrote the instructions in a way I could understand. The "insert needle as if to knit/purl" required WAY too much thinking. My version cuts it down to "from left to right" and "from right to left". It works for me.

The third cheer was for turning the heel on the Jaywalker sock.

Yes, you see both wood and metal needles in there. The heel flap and gusset are too long for the 5" Brittanys, so I put the long parts on 7" Boyes.

Meanwhile at home, Katie made her bed, and is now lying in it.


mamateja said...

Bravo to you! The socks look gorgeous......wish mine were done, but instead of being outside this week-end, I was inside bells clinic on Sat. and staying close to the bathroom on Sunday.....didn't even feel like knitting until almost bedtime. Keep up the great knitting.

Wendy said...

Yay for the socks (quite beautiful I might add!). And good for's always great to lay in the bed you have made :)