Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lent 2007

What I'm giving up: Potatoes. Last year it was potato chips. This year it is potatoes in all forms. This one was an issue even before I got out of bed this morning. A few days ago for breakfast, we had one of those meat - veg - potato things that you scramble up with eggs. It serves 4, and we always have leftovers. I was lying in bed at 5:32 this morning when I thought, "Mmm, that would be good for breakfast." Shortly followed by, "Oh, crap."

For discipline: The Easter Egg socks. Work on them every day. Half an inch a day should be more than enough to have them finished by Easter. Once I realized I couldn't have potatoes for breakfast, I got up and knit.

So far, so good.


Sand said...

Does Terry also have to give up potatoes, or can he wolf some fries while he is out of the house and use a breath mint so that you're not the victim of envious thoughts?

Cheryl said...

Terry usually nibbles on my fries, so effectively he is on the program as well. Officially, he is giving up his computer game where he blows up fake rocks with fake guns.