Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Eat, Sleep, and Knit

It's been cold, really cold, here. Temperature never above freezing cold. Wind chill of -20 cold. Who wants to go out when it is like that? Days (and nights) like that are made for knitting.

Here's what has been happening. The good news is, the colors are much truer than the ones a couple of posts back. My sad old bedspread seems to do the trick as a background for yarn photos.

The Easter Egg socks: After frogging the first sock, I kept knitting on the second sock until I got to the place to do the heel. Then I cast on the first sock (or third sock, depending on how you count), and am working my way up the foot. I want to knit the legs more or less concurrently, to keep track of the amount of yarn I have available.

The Nebula socks: I'm not convinced that socks are the best use for this yarn, but they are so pretty, I could use them as art objects. If I ever cave in and get a wheel, I am definitely getting some of this roving.

Socks That Rock Jaywalkers: I still can't believe I bought this colorway. An astronomy teacher saw me knitting on it last weekend and asked, "Are you making a worm hole?" Dude, don't say "worm" and "hole" around a woman with wool.

And so to bed.

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