Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wildlife in the 'hood

There's still no knitting to report on. As I said before, I am a bad joiner.

However, this weekend, I managed to sneak up on Chuckie outside, and got some good pictures of him.

He ran for home when he heard me coming, but he stopped at the entrance to assess the danger.

When he heard more noises, he would scoot backwards into his hole.

The more noise he heard, the farther in he scooted.

Did you see the brownish markings on his chest in the second picture? Who does that remind you of?

Katie, of course! After I came in from taking pictures of Chuckie, she was on a tear. When that happens, it's time to get out the feather toy and run off some of that energy.

Today, she got a new "toy".

We've have merchandise at work that comes tied with satiny fabric selvedges. I saved a few of them once, curious to see what they would look like if I knitted them up on a couple of pencils. Then I started rolling them into a ball. The ball is one of Katie's favorite toys. It's soft and easy to bat around, and if she gets lucky, she finds the end and unravels it.

I accumulated a big bunch of ribbons today, and tied them all together in a big knot for transport. She was a little freaked by this at first. Apparently she thought it was a giant centipede or something. But after it had been lying still for awhile, she made her peace with it.

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