Sunday, October 01, 2006

Waiting patiently

It's October 1, and I am waiting patiently for NaNoWriMo to open the doors for the 2006 novel writing season. This year, they did not specify a time when the forums would re-open, no doubt an attempt to avoid the annual Crashing of the Server.

My NaNo experience last year was horrible. My writing sucked like a Hoover, and life (and death) interupted a couple of times, causing me to lose momentum and fall far short of my goal. I swore to the Pikers that I had NaNoed my last.

My local group has continued to meet a couple of times a month, and I have continued to go to their meetings. A few weeks ago, the leader started talking about our kick-off party. Fun! Except I can't very well go to the kick-off if I am not participating. So maybe I will participate, just so I can keep hanging around the Cool Writers' Club.

I'm not the only only on the slippery slope. Over at the Piker Press forums, some other "I'm never doing this again" is giving way to, "I bought a new notebook and have some good ideas."

In knitting news, the baby has her sweater and looks adorable in it. I also made her a turquoise beret, which is probably too big yet. I finished a secret project, and started another secret project. There has been no sock progress today. See why I don't do knitalongs?

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Chet said...

All the best to your 2006 NaNoWriMo effort!