Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Two memorable days

Three years ago today, we went to the Animal Rescue League and came home with a sixth-month-old kitten. Here is Katie when she was new to our house and a little bundle of energy.

She is punishing her tail for following her around.

We went cat shopping that day because it was one year after my dad died. Here is the last picture we have of Daddy.

Terry wanted to go camping in Texas - this was before we had a camper - so we worked out a deal with my parents where we would all go together in their motor home. Dad was becoming jaundiced by this time, and my mom kept suggesting that they should cancel the trip. He would e-mail me, though, and say, "Your mom wants to cancel, but you tell her no." That's how much he wanted to go camping one more time.

He enjoyed that trip so much. Terry and I drove a little bit, but he did most of the driving. I remember on the way home, I sat up front with him and we sang some of the songs we used to sing on long car trips. He was really happy that evening, and so was I.

Two days after we returned, he went into the hospital, and a week later, he died. He told me once, "If I can't get around on my own, I really don't want to go on." Bless his heart, he got his wish, and was able to do what he wanted right up until the end.

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