Friday, April 14, 2006


We stopped by Barnes & Noble this afternoon, and the staff alerted us to a special guest. This bat was snoozing on the the window ledge by the cafe. (Yes, it was outside, as Terry assured me when I sputtered, "What do you mean, the coffee shop girls have a bat?!") The barristas named the bat Latte.

For the record, I hate bats. I know most of them are harmless little bug eaters and friends of the environment. I still hate 'em.

Many years ago, a bat got into my apartment, and didn't make its presence known until about 2:00 AM. Try waking up from a sound sleep, and figure out quickly how to remove a flying rodent without harming your property. I decided I could turn on the lights where I didn't want the bat to be, turn the lights off where I wanted him to go (the back door), and use a folded newspaper to block him when he doubled back.

Seriously, have they every included this scenario in the Sims? It would be a hoot.

The plan worked. The bat flew out the back door. I slammed it shut, and didn't open it for several months. The next day, when I told the story to a co-worker and gardener, he said, "But bats are an endangered species in Iowa." I replied, "That one sure was."

But little Latte here, all curled up and drowsy, was sort of cute, and almost pettable. Almost.

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