Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ha ha ha, we get it already

As I neared the end of the sweater, I fretted because spring was hard upon us. Would I have a cool evening so I wear the sweater once before I packed it away for summer?

I need not have worried. I finished Friday night. It started raining overnight that night, and has rained constantly since then. I am not exaggerating - constantly.

I wore the sweater yesterday. It was warm and cozy. It's okay with me if the rain stops now for a day or two.

While I was out yesterday, I bought the recently released DVD of "It's Always Fair Weather." It's not the greatest musical the Freed unit at MGM ever cut loose, but I always liked it. Gene Kelly, of course, is always a big inducement, but I get the biggest kick out of Dolores Gray and Dan Dailey. Dolores does a couple of phenomenal songs, and Dan drunk-dances to a litany of Fifties-era corporate buzzwords. Plus, the DVD makes it clear that he has gorgeous blue eyes. Rowr.

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