Thursday, April 13, 2006

Poetry and dinner

After work, I blithely suggested to Terry that we should go to Chuck's for dinner. (He didn't know it, but I had just read this review in the newspaper.) Not only is Chuck's a venerable old neighborhood restaurant, it is our neighborhood restaurant, maybe half a mile from our house.

I left with this:
When was the last time you saw a doggie bag that was an actual bag, much less one with dogs on it?

Inside was this:

Two pieces of Italian Fried Chicken, every bit as good as described in the review. I would show you Terry's leftovers, but - ahem - there weren't any. He ate his entire pizza.

I heard it got to 89 here today. It's still pretty warm in the house, but we have the windows open and are resisting turning on the air conditioning. If you can get through the day, it has been very pleasant for sleeping at night.

Chuckie says, "Bring on the sunshine."

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