Monday, February 06, 2006

Sunday at home

Sunday afternoon at my house. My roommates were both quite content. Terry had a new astronomy book to read. Katie had a warm lap. And after an outage, the cable came back on in time for me to see the Steelers win the Super Bowl. It was a good day.

Have you heard about the Knitting Olympics? The Yarn Harlot challenged knitters to knit a challenging project (challenging as defined by the knitter) during the time the Olympic torch is lit. I'm not signing up - I'm trying to finish stuff I already have started - but 2500 people have registered. I get a kick out of looking at all of the teams that have banded together, complete with blogs, message boards, and team buttons. They have even been getting some press - MSNBC and BBC, for example.

If I were going to participate, I would seriously consider joining under the Team Wales banner. I once dreamed that I had to do some work in Wales, so I think they would let me in. As it is, though, I am just going to keep plugging away on my sweater, and hope I get it done before spring arrives.

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