Sunday, February 19, 2006

Looking like a sweater

Margie, Amy, and I, dismayed about the number of knitting projects we have underway, have adopted the motto "Off the sticks in 2006" for our knitting this year. Find it, then finish it or frog it.

On the top of my hit parade is the sweater. It is so close to being done. I just broke for the front neck opening, and am working up to the back neck.

You can't really see in this picture, but I am also knitting down the sleeves at the same time. The picture here shows what the finished sweater looks like. The pattern is Ridgeway Lite from Cabin Fever. The pattern is very well written. It explains what is happening along the way, rather than just telling you what to do, which is helpful when the technique is unconventional.

Spokeskitty Katie says, "I like it, too." (But I'm not letting Fourmyle near it.)

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