Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

We went to Christmas Eve service of Nine Lessons and Carols last night. The highlight of the service came after the ninth lesson. They dimmed the lights, and put a soft spotlight on a young boy who sang "Stille Nacht" accompanied by a single guitar. The pastors took their candles and walked down the aisle, lighting the candle of each person at the end of the pew. The candlelight fanned out until every candle was lit, and then we all sang Silent Night. At the end of the verse, "Sleep in heavenly peace", we slowly raised the candles high overhead. "Sleep in heavenly peace", and we lowered them again. It's simple and beautiful.

And now, for our treat to you:

We clean up pretty good, don't we?

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Marita Paige said...

Hi Cheryl, just wanted to wish you and terry a Blessed 2006 ahead. Year endings always make me a little contemplative. Bless you guys, and keep on blogging!