Sunday, December 18, 2005

A weekend alone

Terry's work schedule moves around, so some times he is home on the weekend, and some times he is not. For one reason or another, he has not had to work any weekend days for more than a month now. That's fine for him, but, introvert that I am, I get a little owly if I don't have alone time now and then. Finally, his schedule has shifted back to working Saturday, and I get a whole day to hang around by myself.

Among other things, I tidied up my stash (my yarn and pattern stash, you understand) yesterday. While rooting around in the closet, I found the bag of stuff left over from spinning class, including the purple fleece Amy gave me.

When I tried spinning it before, I could never get it attached well to the leader, and the weight of the spindle pulled the yarn apart. This morning, I decided I was going to get that sucker started, even if I had to go back to my rough-hewn spindle from class.

I pulled off the fleece that had been pre-wound on the top-whorl spindle, and found that the leader was just plain package string. That didn't seem very promising, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I pulled out a fattish piece of roving to start, and... It worked! I don't know how, but it wrapped itself around the string and started twisting.

The spindle took some getting used to. It seemed a little wobbly (that could just be my technique, though) and it would unwind almost as fast as it wound. I had to catch it on my lap or between my feet as soon as it showed signs of slowing down.

Finally, I got two handsful of roving spun. It's not completely even in thickeness, but overall it is better than what I could do with the wool I prepared by hand, and the lumps are not as lumpy.

I still have a long way to go before I have enough for a scarf, but at least I have started.

It's been cold here this weekend, but sunny. Katie the Contortionist found the sunlit spot in the living room to be the perfect spot for her bathing routine.


Chet said...

Hi, Cheryl - Blessed Christmas and a bountiful year ahead to you and your loved ones!

Marita Paige said...

The wool looks so pretty!