Sunday, November 06, 2005

Vacation pictures at last

Our friend in South Carolina lives just three blocks from the beach. Here is the view from the street in front of her house.

What, you can't see anything?

There's the ocean, right there. I never said we had a good view of it, just that we had a view.

Our co-hostess was the gregarious Dixie.

Isn't that the cutest little face?

No Cheryl and Terry adventure is complete without the "take our own photograph to prove we were there" picture, so here it is.


Room 926 said...

Hi, I saw you on the alphasmart community site. Wondering: are you still using and happy with your alphasmart?
Do you have any thoughts on the relative merits of either?
I am trying to decide which I want. I am torn here. Is the connectivity of the wireless good enough to sacrifice the battery power of the neo?

Cheryl said...

Susan, I have had the Alphasmart 3000 for several years, and it is still dandy.

As for the Dana, I already have a PDA, and never felt the need to have another one to keep up with. I just use the AS for writing, not editing, so the PDA functions aren't that important.

If I were buying one today, I would probably get the Neo, which is a little more robust for what adult writers need. But I am satisfied with the Alphasmart and in no hurry to upgrade.

Marita Paige said...

It's nice to 'see' you, finally.

Cheryl said...

Marita, if you saw the pictures Terry took, you would understand why I am usually the one behind the camera.

Alexandra said...

Cheryl, you have a wonderful eye for details and illustration. Your writing is typically informative, clear and carries an undertone of wit and warmth. Even your blog entries.

I don't want to geek out on you, but take these topics: knitting, pets, vacation photos and the weather. Most people mangle those topics so badly that they're on the top ten, "Things that make your eyes glaze over" list. In your hands, however, they're charming and sophisticated. You have a poet's sense of how to select verbal and visual images to capture a topic intellectual and emotionally -- all with astonishing (to me, especially) brevity.

Sorry. It's the cumulative effect of reading several blog entries in a row. Always love to read your stuff.