Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Soldier Socks deployed

I *cast on the first Soldier Sock at *Knitwits last night. I *swatched it Sunday night, and then went to the magnificently useful Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns to determine how many stitches I needed. The yarn is a little heavier than sock weight, so I went with 7 *spi, and cast on 68 stitches.

Here is the sock after the first few rounds were knitted. I know, if you aren't a knitter, it doesn't look like a sock yet. Trust me, though - it is. This is the top of the cuff. The needles are US size 2 - slightly larger in diameter than your standard toothpick.

Day one progress Posted by Hello
Cast on - put the foundation row of secured loops on the needles
Knitwits - our informal stitch-n-bitch group
Swatched - knitted a small sample to see how many stitches I get per inch. Crucial to knowing how big something will be after it is knitted.
spi - stitches per inch

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