Sunday, June 19, 2005

Me? A Gardener?


Kris asked in the comments a couple of posts back if I am a gardener.

Not hardly. I am a terrible gardener, and I don't enjoy any of the work that goes into gardening.

As a result, I only grow things that grow without my help. The day lilies in the picture were given to us by a friend who was thinning hers out. We have had them long enough now that ours need thinning, too.

My mother gave me some irises, which I have needed to dig up and redistribute for two years now. Never mind - the deer ate them this year.

My aunt gave me some of her phlox, which she got from my grandmother, so they go back 50 years or so. They won't flower until later this summer, and they smell wonderful. Terry accidentally splashed a little weed killer on them this year, but I think they will be okay.

We bought a couple of rose bushes a few years ago. The pink one is hearty, but it fell over a couple of weeks ago during a storm. It's still blooming, though. The cream one is more restrained. Just yesterday, Terry got too close with the trimmer and denuded its lower half.

We have a few tulips on the side of the house we never see.

Once again, I forgot to get any tomato plants, and I will bitch about the lousy restaurant tomatoes all summer because of it.

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Kris said...

right, thanks for replying to my comment as a post.