Saturday, May 21, 2005


I did not sleep much last night, and for no good reason. I was distracted with really minor things. I finally got up about 3:30 AM and wrote it all down to get it out of the way. I couldn't nap this morning because I was waiting for my car to come back from being detailed. Now I have dishes in the sink. And I really wanted to go to the yarn shop today, but that might not happen, as I am feeling pretty shaggy after 1.5 total hours of sleep. Maybe I can get a nap before T comes home from work.

The detailing was a birthday gift from T, by the way. I found the guy, and paid him, but T made the call and confessed about spilling mocha in the console, so he gets gift credit. Thanks, honey.

Today's "Get to know me" offering is:
Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

Congratulations! If your mission in life
is not already to preserve the English tongue,
it should be. You can smell a grammtical
inaccuracy from fifty yards. Your speech is
revered by the underlings, though some may
blaspheme and call you a snob. They're just
jealous. Go out there and change the world.

How grammatically correct are you? (Revised with answer key)
brought to you by Quizilla

("Get to know me" Bonus: I also know the source of that picture. It is God from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

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F-G-F said...

Hah! It claims I am a master. What a crock, I don't understand even some of the questions I got right. Why "sneaked" instead of "snuck?" Why "you and me" instead of "you and I?" Why Messrs rather than Misters? I knew boldly go was wrong, because a friend's english teacher grandfather used to make fun of Star Trek, but I don't know why it's wrong. Nevertheless, it's always good to be compared to Ralph Macchio ?!?!