Friday, May 06, 2005

The end of an imperfect week

This has been a really long week at work. Not the people - they are great - but the data has been misbehaving all over the place.

So why should I even be surprised to see this next to my back door this morning?

Leaves of three, let it be! Posted by Hello

Yep, the poison ivy has moved from the feral place behind the shed, up to civilization. Terry whacked it out this afternoon, but there was already a new little sprig when I came home this evening. I see a trip to the Earl May in our future - possibly even tonight before joining the Knit Wits at Barnes & Noble for a little knitting and a lot of banter.


Alex said...

Yet another symptom of my inability to recognize visual input: I was all, "What's that?"

That comment is bound to make Sand quack and sputter. You see, all my life I have been horrifically allergic to poison ivy. We're not talking, "Oh, what a nasty rash," here, we're talking swell-til-your-skin-splits type reactions that covered large portions of my body and scarring that took decades to fade. Could I ever figure out what it looked like and avoid it? Nope.

I'll be back to study this pic again. Often.

Cheryl said...

I live to serve.

I don't know that I had ever seen poison ivy up close before. I wasn't positive that's what it was, so I took a couple of pictures with the pda and took them to work for analysis by my coworkers.

Alex said...

Well that's the problem right there: I didn't have a PDA while I was growing up.

Aser said...

Quack! Sputter! Alex, I'm surprised you can recognize your own offspring and haven't eaten her.

Cheryl, Brush-Strength Roundup, not weed-whacking. And remember the leafless little vines can be even more poisonous than the summer leaves.

Cheryl said...

Got it, Ase. I thank you, and the highly susceptible Terry thanks you. We admire your facility with toxic flora.