Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The living room is sort of put back together. Here, from one direction, featuring one of my housemates:

And the other direction and other housemate:

The doors still need to be done, but that will have to wait until later.

The scarves had to come out of the closet in order for T to paint the door frame, though. I didn't realize I had this many. And I wear almost all of them.

Here's a question for you plant people. We've had this plant three or four years. It used to grow straight, but now it leans. What kind of plant is it, and what can be done about it?


dragon knitter said...

it probably needs to be trimmed, and turned. sometimes they lean like that if they're left in one position for too long, and lean towards the sun.

i'm not a total plant expert, but i wonder if it would benefit from being put outside while the weather's still warm?

Cheryl said...

Actually, it was leaning away from the sun, more like falling over. Someone else recommended trimming, though, and repotting. Wish me luck.

Goody said...

Repotting would be my first thought as well.

I must tell you, I'm going through major chair envy looking at your photos. And they look fantastic against the freshly painted yellow walls.

Alexandra said...

This is a dracaena marginata (pronounced "dru-SEE-na" by most nursery folk, professional and un-).

The University of Florida has this to say about it: http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/shrubs/DRAMARA.PDF

The stems are woody enough that I do not believe turning will help, nor even staking. (Unless it is one of the rare vampire varieties.)

Do trim. And, if it is not too late, may I suggest trimming one stalk at a time, two to three inches above the soil. Like a wee little hydra, at least one and probably two shoots should sprout from the stump. When the new growthlings gain some height, hack off the next leggy stump.

In this manner, you can achieve a straighter, denser Dracaena, with as staggered a height of fronds as you have the patience to dictate.

I am suprised Katie has not eaten more of it. The taste appears to leave Fourmyle cold, but the shape of it makes him mad with lust. (Alas, what doesn't?)