Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still here, still knitting

Amy pointed out, quite correctly, "You haven't blogged much lately." True enough. The weekend after we painted, the Knitwits ran away for a quick yarn crawl. I got some yarn. I haven't taken pictures. I also got some snappy new shoes, perfect for showing off socks.

In photography classes, they always tell you to pay attention to the background as well as the foreground. It's good advice, and if I had heeded it, you would not be seeing this:

A toenail on the hall carpet. Katie is notoriously bad at picking up after herself.

The weekend after that, I came down with a cold. It is now in the "endless cough that won't go away" stage.

Fortunately, I was never so sick that I couldn't knit.

Off the needles: The mystery stole. I had a needle slippage event, and it was quicker to frog the little bit I had done than it was to repair it. Since then, more of the pattern has become available, and now I'm not sure if I want to make it or not. I'm waiting to see it finished - by someone more ambitious than myself.

On the needles: I replaced the mystery stole with the Mystery Sock at Socktopia.

Yes! Those are circular needles! I'm trying socks on circs again, because I hate being defeated by mere knitting. The ribbing looks a little funky, but once I got into the pattern on the leg, it evened out somewhat. It's a good thing I used circs, though. The leg pattern is over 32 stitches and 14 rows. DPNs would have been a pain in the patootie.

The yarn is some Meileweit I have had for ages. I picked it because it was near the top of the sock yarn box. I think it is too busy for this pattern, but by the time I was into it, I didn't want to start over. Here it is stretched out to show the lacy parts a little better. There are also cables along each side.

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Mamateja said...

You are soooo bad ..... just made me not able to resist Socktopia. Yup, I signed up ..... at this time of year with school starting again, I must be crazy. I am enjoying the beautiful patterns. I've just started the mystery sock ... maybe this week-end I'll be able to catch up! Happy Knitting!