Sunday, October 02, 2005

Seen around town

Thursday, I came home and saw something fat and furry run across the driveway.

It was Chuckie, or the son of Chuckie - we aren't sure what the life span of a groundhog is. At any rate, a groundhog always seems to billet under our garden shed. He's clearly plumping up for his winter nap.

Today we saw this on the freeway.

A used helicopter on a truck. What else are ya gonna do in Sunday afternoon?

NaNaWriMo opened yesterday, and almost immediately crashed a server. Not before I got a spiffy participant icon, though.


Holly said...

Hope you don't mind - I nipped a bit of the good sherry and borrowed your NaNo icon while I was at it. Couldn't see it taking up server space on Blogger 50,000,000 times... :)

Mmmmm. I may never go back to cooking sherry. ("And why would anyone cook sherry?" ask the uninitiated.)

So glad you enjoyed last year's NaNoNovel prologue. The novel was a lot like that. Several people have promised to buy it if I finish it. What do you think? Weird writer comedy, or serious novel?

Kris said...

Wow, they're really cute! I don't know of their nuisance value, but you really got some amazing wildlife over there.

Lucky you.

Marita Paige said...

I'm still trying to decide on whether to sign up or not.

Cheryl said...

What's holding you back, Marita? The way I see it is, win or lose (and last year was a dramatic flame-out for me), I am still writing more than I would have otherwise. And since I do not otherwise write fiction, it's a fun way to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone.